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  • 40 Cabo
  • 52 Californian
  • 55 Sunseeker
  • 57 NovaMarine
  • 58 Sea Ray
  • 63 Sea Ray
  • 66 Manhattan
  • 66 Sunseeker
  • 67 Bertram
  • 68 Sunseeker
  • 72 Marquis
  • 76 Lazzara
  • 82 Pershing
  • 82 NISI
  • 108 Sunseeker


Captain Steve has over 35 years of delivery experience on many different vessels.

Having logged thousands of miles in many locations, Captain Steve 
will deliver your vessel safely and promptly with a detailed log and expense sheet.

Call for rates and delivery schedule.

Wherever you want to be, Professional Captain Services, Inc will delivery your boat, WORLDWIDE.



All vessels require maintenance, some weekly, some monthly,
depending on location, usage and a vessels age.

Let Professional Captain Services tailor a program for your vessels needs.

Professional Captain Services, Inc. uses in house staff as well as outside contractors.

Call today.




  • Maintenance through haul-out inspection , At times it may be necessary to haul out the vessel to do a more thorough inspection to find a problem. In this case, the cause of a vibration problem could not determined with the vessel in the water."
  • A visual inspection of the gear show no problem here, the shafts and propellers need to be inspected through special test and equipment to determined if they are the cause of vibration problem.
  • Through special testing it is determined that the shafts are fractured, Captain Steve will have new parts installed and some other dry dock work done while the vessel is out of the water, insuring longer in water operation of this vessel. With a follow up Sea trial Captain will make certain the repairs have cured the vibration problem and the vessel is sea worthy once again.
  • With the vessel out of the water the running gear can be thoroughly inspected, and the propellers and shafts can be removed and sent out to be inspected more thoroughly with special tests and techniques.
  • Discovering a broken shaft log tells Captain Steve he's close to solving the vibration problem.


Professional Captain Services, Inc  is a full service management company. Our goal is to provide prompt courteous service to yacht owners. Management of a vessel starts with complete knowledge of all systems on board and knowing the owners specific needs. Let Professional Captain Services tailor a cost effective management plan for your vessel so you the owner can enjoy valuable cruising without any down time.


Pre-Purchase Survey

Pre-Purchase Survey can save a buyer time and money. Checking out a vessel can be done at a fraction of the cost. Knowing all systems on board, Captain Steve can find the right vessel and report back to the buyer the condition of the vessel. With a detailed report the buyer has the option of proceeding with the purchase of the vessel.


New Construction

New Construction can be up to 2 years. As the owner's representative, Captain Steve can over see the building and progress of your vessel. Meeting with skilled craftsmen, yard project manager, and all system's reps, making sure your vessel is being built to industry standards.



Refits starts with the right yard. Knowing the right yard for your vessel and the yards craftsmen is the first thing Captain Steve will determine. Getting quotes from various yards, start and finish dates, and location is the first step to your vessel's refit. Call today.

Additional Services Available:

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